Gold and Silver Castlite Pendant & Bracelet Settings

Gold Filled Settings with the Look of Cast Jewelry

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At Lee's Manufacturing, we're delighted to present our exclusive collection of castlite settings, the foundation of our popular pendants and bracelet settings. Designed for those who cherish both quality and aesthetics, our castlite pieces combine the efficiency of our die-struck capabilities with the allure of a traditional casting appearance.

The Unique Appeal of Castlite

Crafted with precision and premium materials, our castlite settings have a festooned appearance that makes Lee's Mfg. pendants and bracelets stand out. These pieces embody the perfect balance of elegance and whimsy, designed to captivate and charm at first glance.

Traditionally, the rich look of casting was not achievable in gold-filled materials, but our innovative castlite settings break through these limitations. Now, you can achieve the appearance of cast jewelry without compromising on the benefits of gold-filled materials.

Exceptional Quality, Unbeatable Price

Our castlite collection brings you the luxurious look of casting at an affordable die-struck price. Available in sterling silver, gold-filled, and karat gold, these settings ensure that every piece is not only beautiful but also made to last. Whether you're drawn to the radiance of gold or the timeless elegance of silver, our castlite pendants and bracelets are designed to meet your desires.

Customize Your Collection

We offer a variety of shapes and sizes in our castlite settings, allowing you to customize your jewelry collection. Whether you're partnering with a customer on a new jewelry design or want to add a new accent to a foundation jewelry line, Lee's Mfg. 's castlite settings provides the perfect canvas for expanding your jewelry offerings.

Explore Our Castlite Settings

We invite you to inquire today for a full list of our available castlite shapes and sizes. Discover how Lee's Manufacturing can enhance your jewelry collection with our expertly crafted castlite pendants and bracelets. Let our pieces be the spark that ignites your creativity and adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

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