Gold Hoop Earrings with Cabochon Gemstones

Bezel Settings with A Twist

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Lee's Manufacturing is thrilled to unveil the latest evolution of our beloved classic: the endless hoops, now ingeniously redesigned with an open ring. This new feature transforms the hoops into a versatile canvas for showcasing dangling charms, giving you the freedom to personalize and update your look effortlessly.

Enhance Your Brand

Highlighted with our exquisite backset bezel setting and adorned with cabochon gemstones, these hoops are a testament to personalized elegance. The open ring invites you to mix and match, creating a unique look, whether you're aiming to enhance your brand or your customer's product line.

Quality Across Every Dimension

Available in the finest materials—gold-filled, 10kt, and 14kt gold—our endless hoops cater to every taste and preference. Choose from three sizes: 12mm for a touch of delicacy, 14mm for classic elegance, or 18mm for a more dramatic flair. Each size offers its own unique appeal, perfectly complementing the array of charms and settings you might choose to add.

Discover the Possibilities

We invite you to explore the endless possibilities that our hoop earrings bring to your jewelry collection. For detailed pricing, further information, and to discover more about our backset bezel settings and cabochon gemstone options, please reach out to us.

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